Lucian goes pew pew!

Or someone told a pun

3 NEW Skins  Phanteon SlaveDragon ,Rengar Night Hunter And Lisandra Queen Blade ..  shut up and take my RP

Braum  the new champ/ El Bigote  el nuevo campion /sr mustacho


consome panchi 


The Poro and his new friend : BRAUM !

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New Syndra Skin
I’m sorry, but this is so fucking epic. SERIOUSLY. TAKE MY MONEY!

all hate teemo

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Can I get a picture of Jax and Mr Mundoverse having a drinking contest in one of gragas’ bars?

This is the 1st price thethesistrolls won from my give away! UvU I’m so sorry it took so long orz I do hope you like this!

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